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Passionate about Health, Wellness and Helping others?

With job and business opportunities expected to increase over the next five years in the Health, Wellness and Fitness industries it is a great time to start your new career.


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Join the Wellness Trend that is Changing the World

We are working to get the world moving. Join our 120,000 strong community of students, graduates and Health, Wellness and Fitness enthusiasts who are creating change and inspiring a global wellness movement.


Earn your Qualification Online

We have worked with industry experts to build a program with all the required knowledge to help you to succeed in your new career. The programs are 100% online, (apart from any practical activities required) giving you the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Learn Business Skills to Succeed in any Industry

All our courses contain all the skills necessary to start a new career or business in any Industry! People are changing industries and interests more often now so “future proof your career’ and choose a program with Move Academy – ‘Skills for life’


Become a Wellness, Health Coach, or Fitness Professional…

We focus on helping you help others on their journey towards their own health and wellness.

We teach you the skills to walk alongside another on their journey to live their vision fully.

We all have the need to grow and contribute to our community and the learning at Move Academy is designed to help you gain that growth and knowledge and be able to help others. Established by a group of individuals that have dedicated their lives to the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry; we can provide the learning and experience that you need to take your skills to the next level, and give you the confidence and platform to help others fulfil their dreams.

We have teamed up with international experts to offer you the most innovative and current content available in the industry and mapped them to the ASQA Qualification Framework. As a result, we provide programs with qualifications suited to your specialised area of interest in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry with National and International Recognition.

We are here to help you make a difference in your life, the lives of others, your community and the world.

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Helping You Help Others Move

Our Programs cover all 6 pillars of wellness; to give you the set of tools and techniques that you can use as a coach to contribute to an individual’s total well-being. We believe the fundamentals of health and wellness are linked to all six pillars of wellness and you cannot ‘fix’ one pillar without looking at and addressing them all.

Once you have completed our program you will be able to provide a holistic approach to helping our clients to ensure they succeed in their health and wellbeing goals.

Move towards your new career!

With years of experience as educators and Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals, we know just what it takes to make an impact in the lives of your clients, community, country and maybe even the world; and we want to share this knowledge with you.

The Wellness industry is an exciting and diverse career opportunity. No matter what your interests you can find your niche in this ever evolving dynamic industry. In response to the needs of the industry, we have customised our programs for you; whether you want to work in a gym, a medical facility, on your own, or within a corporate environment we have a solution for you.

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Do You Have Any Questions?


You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers

Why choose Move Academy?

Move Academy is providing qualifications in the Health, Wellness and Fitness field. We have teamed up with three internationally recognised, leading education experts; the American Council on Exercise (ACE), YMCA Awards and the IICT to bring you our programs. We did so to provide the industry with amazing graduates to lead this growing industry in New Zealand.

We are more than just your average personal training college; we know and understand that exercise is important to an individual’s wellness however there are many more components involved that need to be addressed to get your client’s real results. We include information in our programs covering all six dimensions of wellness; the only provider in the industry to do this. Be part of this exciting and growing industry and be the next generation of coaches!! 

What is Health and Wellness?
There are six dimensions of Health and Wellness; Move Academy has designed our programs that incorporate all six pillars.

They include: 

  • physical: understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body and how to maintain one’s body through regular movement, nutrition, sleep, the body and our work environments, and avoidance of harmful habits in the service of one’s own health. 

  • social: to establish a connection and maintain a positive connection with people acknowledging the various forms of energy that affect wellbeing including  stress and conflict

  • intellectual: being able to engage in lively interaction with the world around you; improving and encouraging problem solving, processing and creativity through continued learning and healthy decision making: flexing the mind’s muscle.

  • emotional: being aware and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings, being able to express your thoughts and sensations and absorb those of others.

  • environmental: Relating, interacting and communicating in a positive and effective manner with others; being comfortable in your own skin and to be able to contribute and engage in positive and healthy living and work environments that are focused on conservation of all natural resources; a focus on respecting nature and your surroundings, and gaining personal fulfilment from your surroundings. 

  • spiritual: motivation and the ability to seek and recognise meaning and purpose in one’s daily life. 

How Does Health, Wellness or Lifestyle Coaching differ from Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching or Therapy?

Just because someone is a trainer, nutritionist or therapist does not mean they are a Wellness, Health or Lifestyle Coach.

We believe clients deserve a unique approach to their own personal Health and Wellness goals and someone to help them attain these goals. Wellness, Health or Lifestyle Coaches learn to work with clients to determine and attain these goals in a more rounded and holistic approach.

A coach begins with the goals in mind and begins with questions about the client’s expectations of wellness; what is important, and the path the client envisions to achieving their goals. If not certain, a coach can help build these expectations. 

A therapist may want to know where the client has been but a Health, Wellness or Lifestyle coach will focus on where the client is going. A personal trainer may give you a workout routine and a nutritionist may prescribe an individualised diet; a Health, Wellness, or Lifestyle Coach sees both of these elements as part of the bigger picture of the client’s “whole” wellness. You will work with your clients knowing that getting to the goal won’t happen all at once, but a little at a time and that long-lasting results are what matter most. 

A Health, Wellness or Lifestyle Coach will work with their client the “whole way” to help define wellness on their own terms.

Will my Qualification be Recognised in New Zealand?

Yes, your new qualification will be recognised in New Zealand and will allow you to make a difference in people’s lives wherever you choose to work after graduation. As a Move Academy graduate you will have the most up-to-date content developed with international industry experts and consultation which potential employers and clients will appreciate. Your new qualification, along with the hard work you have put in to develop your new skills, your personality, communication and presentation skills will allow you to get your dream job.  Your qualification is recognised internationally through the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). This enables you to work in your chosen modality, and most importantly access insurance to practice your new skills and confidently go forward with your new business opportunity.

What is the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)

IICT is an international Accreditation Body for Health, Wellness and Fitness Modalities. This organisation offers Move Academy Graduates recognition of all qualifications offered in one place. This gives you, the graduate, the flexibility to operate in one or many modalities within the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry. 

IICT is truly unique. Unlike Associations that tend to cater to specific modalities, IICT represents the world’s largest list of recognised natural therapy modalities. IICT recognises your existing qualifications so you don’t have to undergo expensive continuing education requirements. There are no CPD point requirements and no need to re-train in order to keep your membership current. With your ICT accreditation you will gain Professional Membership in 27 countries and be offered specialised discount insurance rates.

The benefits of joining IICT:

– Move Academy is a Platinum Provider which gives our graduates a 50% reduction in member rates with the IICT (talk to us on how to receive this special rate)

– you will receive an internationally recognised membership certificate (no need for extra paperwork if you are relocating, there is already enough to worry about at that time)

– membership gives you a reduced insurance rate with AON insurance (insurance and membership rates combined are less expensive than the alternative)

– if you take the executive membership you will receive bonuses that have a total value of  $4,424.00 included in the membership 

What a great and worry-free option to start your career and business on the right track. 

Can I work and Study at the Same Time?

Absolutely!  We have designed the qualifications to do exactly that. The course is flexible so that you are able to work, train, study and continue all the other aspects of life at the same time. A blended learning approach of online theory with practical components ensures you will have all the necessary skills upon graduation.

Once complete, what can I do with my qualification?

You will be the leader in your field and there are many opportunities that are now open to you. You can work in a fitness centre or leisure centre, work with a community group or government organisation helping to promote change in the community. Within New Zealand, there are many community and Maori groups that are trying to incorporate wellness into their communities and you can be at the forefront of this change. You can work at wellness retreats, spas, overseas travel locations and on cruise ships running their leisure and wellness programs. You can run corporate wellness programs, and start and run your own business helping and inspiring others.  You can do anything you set your mind to; you just have to choose where your niche will be. 

According to, healthcare is a four TRILLION dollar industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of jobs for Health and Wellness Coaches to increase by 21% through 2021 calling Health Coaching one of “the fastest-growing sources of employment in the economy” and we suspect that New Zealand will follow this trend. Many corporations, both large and small are starting to hire Health Coaches to establish workplace wellness programs for their employees. Workplace wellness is estimated to be a $6 billion industry! What this means is that people are definitely looking for, and paying for, health and wellness services. You will have the qualification to be able to offer a solution to them.  


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